Breaking the barriers between Stakeholders 21-22/09/2009 Print

Breaking the barriers between Stakeholders: Bringing together service providers, policy makers and suppliers of Information & Communication Technology for People with Disabilities

A Snapshot Of What the
Conference Will Cover:
- Technology has radically improved the quality of life for some people with Disabilities and is poised to change lives for many
- From blue-sky thinking to new products to meet needs
- The challenges that technology presents in financial terms, and the challenges that it creates in terms of values and ethics
- Technology does not recognise national boundaries - we can all learn a lot from other countries and cultures
- Exhibitions

Who Should Attend
- Providers of services to people with disabilities
- Commissioners of services for people with disabilities
- Developers of assistive technology and telecare
- Service users of assistive technology
- Senior practitioners in services to people with disabilities
- Academics involved in developing ICT for people with disabilities


Nottingham, UK




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