Older people in focus - AAL Forum in Vienna, 29th September to 1st October 2009 Print
Older people in focus - AAL Forum in Vienna, 29th September to 1st October 2009

  For the first time ever a European-wide AAL Forum with the principal
  focus of reporting, showcasing and discussing the development and use
  of innovative ICT solutions in support of ageing will be held in Vienna
  from 29th September to 1st October, 2009.

  In response to the ageing demographics across Europe, the Ambient
  Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme (AALJP) was set up in 2008 with
  budget support from European Commission and in cooperation with 23
  AAL-member States. The aim of the AALJP is to fund the development of
  innovative ICT based solutions to enhance the quality of life and
  extend the time older people can live more independently at home; yet
  at the same time support European industries to develop competitive
  products and services. The budget of AALJP is in the order of 55-60
  million Euro per year (2008-2013). Two (2) calls for proposals have
  already been launched with regard to the management of chronic
  conditions and enhancement of social interactions of older people. A
  third call will be presented at the Forum.

  To realise the aim of the AALJP many challenges lie ahead, and include:
  * Embedding end-user involvement from the outset for greater
  relevance to need and wishes
  * Getting the industries involved to develop and produce products and
  * Raising stakeholders' involvement (e.g. municipalities, regions,
  insurance organisations, standardisation organisations, investors,
  researchers, policymakers) to access necessary expertise and to
  ensure progress and visibility
  * Generating AAL markets with workable business models across Europe

  These and other key topics will be featured and discussed at the Forum
  in plenary or in specific sessions. To further add to an interesting
  Forum networking environment there will be a product and poster
  exhibition. A dozen AAL projects will be presented and discussed at the
  Forum. The Forum aims to bring together interest groups, stakeholders
  and individuals from diverse disciplines and business environments for
  networking and knowledge transfer to foster new understandings in the
  advancement, development and use of innovative ICT based AAL solutions
  for Europe's ageing populations.

  About 400-500 participants are expected.

  Welcome to the first AAL Forum and to Vienna!
  Gerhard Finking, AAL President Reinhard Goebl, AAL Forum Chair

29 September - 1 October 2009

Vienna, Austria

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