Ageing in the Mediterranean World : Scientific Conference 12-15 March, 2009 Print
Ageing in the Mediterranean World : Scientific Conference

The Mediterranean has been the centre of a process of civilization that has had effects and consequences on a truly global scale. Europe as an economic and cultural entity cannot be possibly fully understood without realizing the enormous impact of developments which took place in this region and will also shape the European position in the future. The ageing of Mediterranean societies will confront them with new challenges and socio-political tasks. Today, ageing affects societies in the Mediterranean already quite differently and will continue to transform them considerably in the future. In this conference will be presented and critically discuss research results on work life developments, demographic trends, family strategies and care arrangements in the Mediterranean. The basic idea of the conference is to offer a comprehensive outlook on the social fabric of the Mediterranean world in several detailed aspects to be presented and discussed with the participants; to allow the identification of certain areas of ongoing research for all participants and to allow participants the presentation of results of their own research and the critical debate of these results. The programme is divided into keynote lectures; group and panel discussions; it will also give the opportunity of presenting and discussing your own research results. 


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