European Ministerial e-Inclusion Conference 30 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2008 Print
European Ministerial e-Inclusion Conference

Europe's biggest event for e-Inclusion – using ICT to combat social exclusion
Celebrating success and shaping the agenda

As the "e-Inclusion: be part of it!" campaign reaches its conclusion, it is time to celebrate achievements and showcase successes in the field of e-Inclusion. It's also time to take stock of what still lies ahead and renew the commitments to achieve inclusion in the information society for all. The 2008 e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference will showcase the best of e-Inclusion initiatives and shape the future European e-Inclusion agenda.

The event will host e-inclusion leaders from industry, academia and voluntary sector and will address topics as diverse as shaping European e-Accessibility environments, investing in information technology for sustainable elderly care, digital literacy and insights into future technology perspectives.

European Ministers will come together to measure progress, refresh the Riga vision, and gain valuable insights from cutting-edge initiatives.

Conference themes

  • e-Accessibility in Europe
  • Accessing online services, digital TV, and real time communications can be a life-changing, even a life-saving, experience. Learn how industry, users and governments are working to make sure this opportunity is open to all.
  • Ageing Well in the Information Society
  • Silver surfers rule! See for yourself how ICT is helping our seniors live active, independent lives. Hear how industry wants to do even more to help that happen.
  • Information Literacy for life
  • Digital literacy and information skills are now crucial life skills in the information age. But how are we doing in Europe? Are we equipping current and future generations with the skills they need? See practical examples of different approaches to this tough challenge.
  • Investing in e-Inclusion
  • Is it really worth it? Who reaps the benefits? How can I justify the investment? Is there really a market for it? How do I measure success? Just a few of the challenging questions to be addressed by the 'Investing' theme.
  • Inclusion 20/20
  • From ethics to futurology, gain valuable insights into challenging aspects of e-Inclusion and what the future may hold.
  • Spotlight
  • Shining a spotlight on specific aspects, roles or interest groups to give a focussed insight into reality.



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