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ASK-IT Project Helsinki Event

The Helsinki test site will promote independent mobility for people with functional limitations by developing accessible services within the fields of tourism and public transport. With the help of context-related and real-time information. E.g. a blind person will be directed to use public transport and a person in a wheelchair will be able to choose a hotel suited to their needs. The aim is to develop accessibility information content on existing services in Helsinki. The site will involve a number of stakeholders STAKES (Technical Research Centre of Finland), Helsinki City Transport, Sportun and VTT.Mobility Impaired (MI) People: People with an activity limitation that prohibits their free movement.

In the context of ASK-IT, the following sub-divisions give some indication of the wide context of mobility impairments:

  • Lower limb impairment
  • Wheelchair users
  • Upper limb impairment
  • Upper body impairment
  • Physiological impairment
  • Psychological impairment
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Vision impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Communication impairment
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14 November 2008

Helsinki, Finland


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