EUROCITIES-Knowledge Society Forum Conference "CITIES' E-SERVICES FOR INCLUSION" 22-25 October 2008 Print

The Municipality of Amaroussion together with the Municipal Technology Company of Amaroussion promote the importance of the modernization of the Local Authorities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies. In specific, the idea is to make ICT and online services accessible to all citizens, to foster the knowledge-based economy and to enhance the role of cities in the expansion of the Knowledge Society.

To this direction, the Municipality of Amaroussion has the honor to host the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum Conference in October 2008 mainly dealing with the issue of inclusion, one of outmost importance, set out by the European Commission. In particular the Lisbon Council in 2000 agreed to make a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty and social exclusion by 2010.

With the use of the Open Method of Coordination, the Member States are encouraged to set out concrete steps in their National Action Plans against poverty and social exclusion. Furthermore, a key aim is to improve access to the new ICTs and enhance the opportunities new technologies can provide. The Riga Ministerial Declaration on e-Inclusion of June 2006 demonstrated the commitment of EU Member States.

The EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum Conference in Amaroussion will be structured around the six themes that have been identified by the European Commission for fostering e-Inclusion which are as follows:

  • e-Accessibility
  • ICT & Ageing
  • Digital Literacy & Competencies
  • Cultural Diversity & Inclusion
  • Geographical Digital Divides
  • Inclusive Public Services

The programme of the Conference will include national keynote presentations from the European Commission, contributions from various European countries, specific local case studies, workshops and technical visits. It will be a very good opportunity for extensive networking on the issues of inclusion at all levels (national, regional, local and European).

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22-25 October 2008

Amaroussion, Greece


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