PTV AG provides software, consulting and research for travel, traffic and transportation planning in the B2B field. For years PTV products such as map&guide for professional trip planning, VISUM for traffic planning and INTERTOUR for distribution planning have been established as European market leaders. Future-oriented concepts and innovative technologies ensure continuous mobility in the business fields Traffic, Mobility and Logistics. Our group-independent enterprise was founded in 1979. With more than 500 employees in the parent company in Karlsruhe and numerous branches and subsidiaries in Germany, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the USA, PTV AG is actively opening up national and international markets. The business field Mobility at PTV is concerned with software solutions supporting individual mobility management. The product range includes software and services for personalised travel information and travel planning such as route planners, hotel guides for Web and WAP or Location Based Services for traceable mobile devices. These services are based on PTV' s xServer technology and are available by using different end devices: City maps on the mobile phone or up-to-date traffic information during the trip - new horizonsare opened up for mobility service providers. In addition the business field Mobility provides inter-modal routing, traffic information as well as dynamic and off-board navigation services. The range of performances at a glance: 1) Routing and mapping components for Internet providers (ASP services) and trader search systems, 2) Location Based Services, 3) Multimedia mobility portals for search engines and special portals, 5) Mobility sevices and service platforms for integrating city information systems as well as for local and regional traffic management, 6) Research projects, 7) Available equipment. 

Main function / role in OASIS:
  • Middleware and services provider.
  • Client application developer.
  • General GIS, routing, mapping, navigation.
  • Leader of WP3.3 "New elderly friendly route guidance"
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Dr. Michael Ortgiese ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) - Director Research Department
Christoph Poggemann - Director of Development
Verena Franken ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) - Project Manager


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